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Our Story

We'd love to tell you all about us, but we'd rather focus on You! 

We do things a little differently here at Quality.  
Founded by Christine Bodden and Juliet Fenn in 2016, we like to believe we give you quality but with a capital "Q."

Christine is an Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public and heads up our fabulous team of Lawyers, whilst Juliet is a Mediator (MCIArb) and Notary Public and heads up our dynamic corporate team.

We value our clients and our staff because without either, we just don't work! 

Meet the Team


Christine Bodden

Attorney-at-Law, Director & 
Notary Public

Juliet Fenn.jpg

Juliet Fenn

Director, Mediator &
Notary Public

Charity Putman.png

Charity Putman

Compliance Officer, Acc. Director

Nisha Ritch.png

Nisha Ritch

Company Administrator

Harry Fenn.jpeg

Harry Fenn

IT/Corporate Sales

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